Alex E. Sanchez, PE | CEO

As one of the founders of CEI and its CEO, Mr. Sanchez has been responsible for Operations at CEI for the last 22 years. He began his professional career at CEI and developed in the last 25 years his experience in design, construction, and construction management, focusing on fuel systems and civil/heavy construction. His responsibilities have grown consistently over the years and have most recently included overseeing the Construction Division, the largest division at CEI, with several Construction Professionals and Field Personnel, Health & Safety for CEI, Quality Control, managing all fuel systems designs, and overseeing IT for the company.

Since CEI’s inception, Mr. Sanchez has worked tirelessly to direct the accomplishment of CEI’s Mission of providing the Best Value to its Clients, grow CEI’s reputation in the petroleum services and construction industry, and to mentor and be an example for other engineering or construction professionals within CEI on the core values that CEI espouses, including Community, Excellence, and Integrity.

Mr. Sanchez will be responsible for articulating and executing CEI’s strategic, financial and operational objectives. Above all, Mr. Sanchez is in charge of ensuring that the firm fulfills its obligations to its stakeholders, clients, employees, and the community.

He is a Florida Registered Professional Engineer, but he also qualifies CEI through the many construction licenses he holds in various States. He is also a member of many trade associations.

Amanuel Worku, PE | President

As one of the original members of CEI and its President, Mr. Worku is primarily responsible for managing large-scale and complex projects such as airport fuel hydrant distribution and bulk storage systems, environmental remediation, and construction-related projects. He is specially selected to handle high-profile and highly technical projects and those requiring his unique combination of knowledge, experience, patience, and ability to transform “difficult” projects into successful ventures. Mr. Worku has managed over a “Quarter Billion Dollars” worth of projects over 22 years. Additionally, as a Professional Engineer, he has established many key professional relationships, managing several Professional Services Agreement contracts at the local, state, and federal levels.

Throughout the years, Mr. Worku has led the successful growth of CEI from a $250,000 revenue firm into a $30M annual revenue engineering and construction firm by leading the Business Development and Marketing efforts of CEI.

Mr. Worku will continue to lead the firm’s growth and profitability and be responsible for helping execute CEI’s strategic, financial, and operational objectives.

He is a Florida Registered Professional Engineer, qualifies CEI’s engineering license, and is also a member of many trade associations.

Ryan Burr | Vice President

Mr. Ryan Burr has 17 years of construction experience focusing on complex Aviation fuel systems and has worked at some of the largest and most challenging Airports in the US. Mr. Burr joined CEI over three (3) years ago as a Superintendent but quickly ascended to Manager of Operations and then Director of Field Operations. Mr. Burr’s technical knowledge and project and field management skills are unparalleled in the Aviation fuel construction industry. Mr. Burr is responsible for directing all field operations for the company, including hiring and training field personnel, evaluating and analyzing their performance, and managing project logistics. Mr. Burr is the backbone of our aviation jet hydrant fueling projects and ensures that his construction team has the skills, resources, and support to execute all project milestones and goals successfully.

He began his professional career in the field of commercial construction projects as a laborer, then quickly progressed to pipefitter and then to a welder. Within two (2) years, Mr. Burr ran construction projects independently by demonstrating his willingness to take responsibility and provide quality work. His Aviation construction career began at Attaway Services in 2004 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and within four (4) years, he had grown to manage all Aviation Fuel construction projects for Attaway.

Throughout his career and with CEI, Mr. Burr has been resolute in his determination to implement company objectives, be solutions-oriented, demonstrate a commitment to Safety, grow the firm’s reputation in the Aviation construction industry, build strong Client relationships, and achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Mr. Burr will be responsible for executing and implementing CEI’s operational objectives in the field. Most importantly, Mr. Burr is in charge of ensuring that the field staff delivers excellence in project execution for its stakeholders, clients, and the community.