Douglas Park Reopening Ceremony June 29th, 2017 Douglas Park finally reopened its doors to public use this past June 29th, 2017 after 3 years and a half of being closed due to contamination found in the soil. High levels of toxins were found in tests performed at the park. Among the traces of contaminants found were, arsenic, antimony, barium, lead and copper. As part of the $5 million in renovation, Cherokee Enterprises, Inc was contracted by the City of Miami to perform clean-up and restoration activities. The project took 10 months from start to finish. The scope consisted of excavation, tree relocation, clean soil backfilling, placing of protective liner to seal off the remaining contaminated material below the 1 ft. of remediated soil, installation of new drainage system to prevent rain water from contaminating the water table, grading and final restoration and pavement of walkways and parking lot area. Our CEI Team turned in the Remediated Site to the City of Miami for final approval͚On-Time and On-Budget͛ and the park is now ready for the next phase, which will include the construction of a 6,000 square feet community center, a shaded playground area and a shaded exercise area. Cherokee Enterprises was retained once again for part of the scope to lay the concrete footings which will meet the contaminated soil down below. City officials congratulated the commitment and excellence in our CEI Team͛s work at the ceremony this past Wednesday morning.