December, 2016 After a Job Well Done at remediating and restoring Douglas Park, Cherokee Enterprises Inc, has been entrusted once again with another contract to clean up the contamination found at another one of the City of Miami parks affected by Old Smokey Incinerator. Curtis Park only a couple of blocks away from Douglas Park will get its much needed makeover in 2017. The scope of the project will include selective demolition, well and drainage installation, contaminated soil excavation, placement of liner, clean soil backfill and grading as well as sod, rubber mulch and final restoration. Throughout the course of the project, the playground and the track will be open to the public. The baseball field area will be under construction over the course of the entire project, but some other parts of the park will be opened to the public after completion of certain phases. Excavated contaminated material will be transported to the baseball field area from all phases where remediation is required. Upon completion of Area B, the ball courts will be accessible to the public by the parking lot to the west, and the track will be accessible after the next phase completion. The parking lot of the park will be restored in two phases which will provide the public some access and available parking spots for partial park use. The project is scheduled to commence on April 2017 and the Park should be completely restored by New Years Eve!