July, 2017 This past Wednesday, City officials, along with our CEI Team, attended the groundbreaking ceremony to remediate and improve Douglas Park. The project, being led by Cherokee Enterprises, Inc., consisted of soil remediation by way of a combination of removal and replacement of clean fill and protective covering as engineering controls in designated areas. Douglas Park was one of the seven parks closed on September 2013 due to high levels of arsenic, lead, iron and copper contamination. This contamination was linked to the Old Smokey incinerator west of Coconut Grove. Concerns about the presence of toxins and contaminants in various parks in the City of Miami started in 2011, when the city found contaminated soils in a fire department training facility built over the old Coconut Grove incinerator.The cleanup consists of removing up to 1 foot of topsoil, installing a waterproof sheet and then refilling it with clean soil. Other parts of the scope will be based on rebuilding the drainage system, rebuilding the baseball diamond ring and repaving the parking lot and walking lanes.