Our scientists, geologists and engineers are experts at assessing and evaluating the natural elements – soil, groundwater, and air – with the goal recommending and implementing viable and economical solutions to prevent, minimize or mitigate any environmental degradation. We use a combination of tools, including risk assessment, computer modeling and statistical analysis to manage our sites.

Our environmental remediation solutions encompass both traditional and non-traditional technologies. These include design and construction of systems using pump and treat, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, ozone treatment system, multi-phase vacuum extraction, bioremediation, soil stabilization and natural attenuation. Non- traditional, innovative solutions that expedite the cleanup progress and minimize long-term liabilities are tailored to match our clients’ requirements.

On our Civil Engineering assignments, we apply the principles of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating infrastructures while protecting the public and environmental health, and improving existing infrastructures.

The CEI Team equips your employees with the knowledge they need to develop the skills and expertise to manage the challenges associated with maintaining environmental stewardship and to help foster attitudes, motivations and commitments to comply with environmental plans and programs. CEI, under grant by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, teaches environmental investigation and remediation to students interested in entering the environmental field.

The firm has professional engineers on staff, with registrations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Puerto Rico that specialize in the following environmental focuses:
  • Remedial Systems design and construction
  • Remediation System Operations, Maintenance, and Optimization
  • Hazardous and Non-hazardous waste handling
  • Contaminated Site Management
  • Sediments
  • Site Assessment and Investigations
  • Regulatory Compliance and Management
  • Regulatory Negotiations
  • Environmental Remediation Services
  • Brownsfield Redevelopment
  • Civil Engineering
  • Training
  • Natural Resources


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CEI does not offer/provide any engineering in North Carolina. Any engineering required will be contracted out to properly licensed engineering firms and individuals.