Community Involvement

Community involvement is one of our core values and integral to the fabric of the CEI culture. Giving back to our communities is a value we embrace and encourage. We are involved in our communities at the grassroots level and actively participate in local, regional and national organizations that work to educate, nurture and celebrate our environment.

Community involvement at CEI takes on many forms; some of us race for the cure, some cleanup shorelines or serve on local boards. For all of us, it is the satisfaction of being part of the solution. To accomplish this, we offer employees one extra paid day off to participate in a community volunteer event of their choice.


On a company-wide level, CEI participates annually in the following events:


Baynanza started in the 1980’s and marked the beginning of a monumental effort by Miami-Dade County to save Biscayne Bay. The Bay was suffering from pollution to its marine environment and was in steep decline. Baynanza was created as part of a larger effort to save the bay. Baynanza, now in its 30th year, is a celebration of Biscayne Bay as one of our most important ecological and economic systems. CEI employees have participated in this event every year since 1999.

Mercedes – Benz Corporate Run

Mercedes – Benz Corporate Run is sponsored by Team FootWorks, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization committed to fitness education through the production of events and educational materials. Its overall mission is to involve people in physical activity through education, excitement and fun. The profits are distributed to various local charities. CEI employees have participated in this event for the last 7 years.

United Way Day of Caring

United Way Day of Caring was established in 1992 to promote the spirit and value of volunteerism, increase the awareness of local human service agencies and schools, and demonstrate what people working together for the community’s good can accomplish. This event happens in October every year on a Friday and coincides with our official anniversary month. CEI employees who have not used their volunteer day for the year are encouraged to take the day off and volunteer for this event.

CEI also contributes to its communities by conducting annual food drives around the holidays, as well as, planting trees in Miami and Homestead; and, conducting free Brownfield’s Training to at-risk youths and the unemployed.

CEI also has an internship program where we reach out to youths in their final year of high school to offer financial assistance and on-the job training through short-term employment.

In addition, CEI has made a consistent effort to donate money to local charities. We particularly favor those that deal with children, the hungry, the environment, and animals.